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The team at the Pencil has moved onto a new website project called Fitness Informant. Lead by founder Ryan Bucki, Fitness Informant provides 100% honest, no BS supplement reviews, deals & coupons, fitness advice, workout, routines, diets, and more.

We’re excited that the Fitness Informant community is growing and we want to encourage our Pencil Podcast subscribers to come join us on Facebook and Youtube — we’ll be providing everything you need to keep your body in top physical shape over there.

We’ve release a number of recent supplementation guides – definitely check them out for some legitimate advice:

​We are tired of the marketing companies overtaking the Supplement and fitness industry. It is time to take back OUR industry. was created to help you discover the good guys, the ones who care about you and me and the ones who want to make better products.


President & Founder
Ryan Bucki


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